Lectures from our experts

Our experts give lectures several times a year in various cities around the world (e.g. Munich, Aachen, Meckenheim, Johannesburg, Toronto, London, …). Among others, the following lectures were given:

IT Forensik Workshop (FH Aachen)

Titel: Deep Flash Forensics 

Topic: Lecture on the methods of preserving evidence from strong devices (cell phones, smartphones, USB sticks, flight recorders)

Held by Christian Bartsch at the Faculty of IT (area: IT Security and IT Forensics).

Fachtagung Mobile Forensik bei BKA Meckenheim

Diving with mobile forensics (access slides): Title
Lecture on securing evidence for severely damaged mobile devices: Topic
Held by Christian Bartsch at the BKA headquarters.

Cybersicherheitstage in München (Spontanvortrag)

Title: Forensics with depth
Topic: Lecture on Chipoff Forensics
Held by Christian Bartsch at short notice from BSI.


Entrepreneur meeting in Grünwald

Title:  What risks can business leaders face when they neglect data security

Topic: Data protection and data security

Held by Christian Bartsch.

Helpdesk Congress – Marcus Evans – Berlin
Topic: Efficient IT service organizations
Held by Christian Bartsch.