ISO 27001:2022 Consulting

Service providers, manufacturers and suppliers are experiencing a growing concern regarding information security. Consumers are scared of scammers using their stolen personal data to destroy their savings. Unfortunately, also small and medium sized companies are being hit by cyber crime. One in five insolvencis in the UK is partly due to cyber crime. Criminals focus stealing company assets without owners and accountants noticing it before it is too late. They use technology to mislead CEOs, employees and business partners of SMEs. Thereby, causing substancial damage which can implode a healthy business to the brink of insolvency. This is why, large companies are trying to make their suppliers more ware of the threats and incentivise Information Security Management System (ISMS) projects. This is where out ISO 27001 Consulting services help businesses across Britain improve their security and gain a favourable ISO certificate.

Some business owners think it is enough to buy some cheap or outdated document kit from the internet. Certification bodies notice when the documentation doesn’t match the risk profile nor the company’s business model. If done sensible, companies can achieve more by using experienced consultants rather than sticking lots of documents together that are in no way compliant with the ISO Norms.

How can a small business become ISO 27001 certified?

Originally, the ISO 27001 certification had large organizations in mind. Due to business models becoming ever more digital, large organizations shrunk or spinned off parts of their business units. Large organizations need on average 12 to 24 months in order to write all documents and achieve a positive audit outcome. The more departments and locations involved the more this costly project willl take.

At the same time small companies started adopting many digital solutions to keep up with competition and regulatory bodies. This allows today small business to deliver a great customer experience while being highly efficient. This is why, modern IT infrastructure  is gradually spreading accross all sizes of businesses. Technology is becoming smarter and easier to handle. Nevertheless, cyber theats can destroy a life time reputation within days. 

Small companies are less bloated and can get things done faster. This also applies to writing an ISO 27001 management system in just 2 – 6 months. You might be hanging up your certificate on the wall within 3 to 9 months of having hired our fasttrack team. We take the load of your sholders and guide you past the long queues.

Why do so many business owners avoid the ISO27001 certification?

Beratungsgespräche zur Vorbereitung des ISO27001 Audit

Many competitors are used to doing their business in the same way as they did when founding the company. This leads to competitors ignoring trends and putting clients at risk. Their attitude towas ISO certifications is generally sceptical and disregarding the long term benefits. A sustainable business is usually designed to last for generations to come. Some business owners compare the requirements of ISO 27001 certification based on a large corporation. This is not what a small business needs to comply since an SME doesn’t employ 100k employees and runs a multi national network of factories and warehouses. 

When you actually look at what is necessary to achieve from the perspective of a small company, you will realize you do not need years to write all the documents and run komplex investigations. The key truth is that the ISO 27001 project might cost between £8.000 and £35.000. This estimate includes consulting, training and certification for a business with 2 to 100 employees. In order to provide you a better overview of the associated costs, we have created a detailed article explaining what cost to expect.

We write the ISO 27001 management system for SMEs

Wo ist das in der DSGVO oder dem ISO 27001 Standard geregelt? Rechtstexte können verwirren

How can we help you get to your ISO 27001 certificate faster? We write and customize the ISO27001:2022 compliant documentation kit. This way, small business don’t have to suffer long frustrated years of trying to get that set of documents right. Hence, our clients waste less time on this project and are better prepared for the great audit day. 

This is where a business with 2-10 people is at a greater advantage than a slow moving corporate competitor. The paperwork is less tideous and very straight forward. No need for excessive rules and other nonsense. In an optimum situation this would allow a complete set of documents to be ready within 2 to 12 weeks. This is because our simple questionnairs can be answered within 1-2 hours and thereby providing key data to our implementation experts. 

Our Certification Experts handle the required internal Audit for you

The ISO 27001 standard expects companies to conduct an internal audit once a year. The person conducting this audit needs to have the necessary qualifications to be able to conduct this internal audit. As small companies do not have the staff available for this task, we usually help out by letting our auditirs handle this task. This way, businesses save time and avoid high salary costs. Since our experts are not only certified lead auditors but also certified in fields such as IT forensics, fraud examination and cyber security, companies benefit from their suggestions on how to improve without spending crazy amounts of moneyThis also leads to benefitial outcomes such are mitigating risks, reducted insurance cost and greater protection against cyber criminals.

Getting ready for the ISO 27001 Certification

Do you remember attending a difficult exam? Did you feel scarred or unsure what would the outcome be? An auditor can question a variety of documents and poke his nose into your business. That is why we acompany you virtually or in person before, during and after the audit. This way, you are never left alone to the scary audit teams. We understand that introducing a new management system and achieving the certificate can put a horrible amount of fear and pressure on your staff.

We get our clients ready with less hassle, strain and frustration these 3 key components:

To gain a better understanding how we prepare for certification, we have created lots of shot videos explaining every aspect in short stime. We do not force you to read endless whitepapers full of complex jargon.

How does the UK government help small busineses achieve ISO 27001 compliance?

The UK government offers a variety of support programs for small business and local enterprises. It doesn’t matter whether you are only doing business in the UK or are also trading with customers abroad. Our financial experts regularly check government programs for ways to help companies reduce the financial burden of management system related projects.

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