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Technology is constantly evolving. This leads to employeers implementing new ways to run their business. The speed of adoption and changing work requirements is also affecting young professionals and those who have long standing careers. As the competitive force of the market place and effects from other events (Brexit) change the situation of employers, they have to look for new skills. On the one hand, this is a great opportunity to learn new skills and have a change of work areas. Nevertheless, some employers are so radical in their change of direction, that they are letting those go who can not add new skills fast enough  to address that change of direction. This is where our Academy for IT skills helps people start a new career.

The solution is to learn new skills and knowledge. This needs to be up to date and matching what employeers need the most. Just because you do not have a university degree, it doesn’t mean that you have no change to get into IT. Companies know they need pure IT people and cross sector experts that have business and IT knowledge. Since many of us are passionate about IT and other very non-IT topics (e.g. Music, sailing, chess, flying, kids, teaching), we understand how to learn new skills even when you are past your 50s.

We have solved this problem by creating an environment where one can learn on ones on time schedule and having the ability to share thoughts with others. Some people need to learn in small information snippets and some like to learn an entire day. Now a days, you read so much about people feeling lonely, when they are working from home. We offer discussion groups where our course participants can join and discuss topics with our expert guests. This way you gain new insights and might even find people to team up for accountability sessions.

Learning can be fun and keeps you healthier

Why is a digital academy the best solution to learning new skills?

Live Online training

We live in a world where communication and other activities (work, shopping, dating, etc.) are very digital. Even if you do not buy from places like Amazon or use online banking, things have very much changed compared to how our grand parents used to live.

This is why, it is easier to learn new skills without having to commute in busy cities or from small towns. The environment is happier as you are not commuting so often. You save a lot of time during the day, that you can use for valuable family time of for nice walks with your dog. 

A digital academy allows you to learn even when you are travelling on business or going on holiday. You only need acceptable internet connection and you can enjoy each micro learning session as you gradually progress through the courses.

Why is it easier to learn this way?

All our courses are offered online. They are either prerecorded or take place in our virtual class rooms (live streaming). These courses are available in a variety of languages (English, German, Turkish, Spanish, Polish).

Even if you find you have language difficulties, you can join one of our partner language schools in the UK (Cambridge, Colchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Portsmouth, Southampton). This way, you first improve your english language skills before going deep in some of our very complex courses (e.G. Cyber Security, Neural Networks).


We also offer monthly and weekly discussion groups where you can chat with others on a particular field relating to your booked course. this way, you can ask questions instead of hoping some AI Bot (e.g. ChatGBT) will provide you the magical answer.

Enterprises also benefit from training packages

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We have a variety of enterprises using our expert training services. They often benefit from acquiring training packages and booking on site trainings. This is why we also cooperate with communication& management  training companies in USA such as Stand & Deliver. S&D are great experts in training management and sales staff in how to present and communicate. Thereby, performance ans sales improve across many business units of clients. 

How do you motivate employees to learn new skills?

People often think, that their experience is so valuable, that they don’t bother to learn new skills. Unfortunately, they realize their misjudgement when it is too late. Employers willing to invest in the education and upskilling of their staff are putting great trust in their eomployees. Top management notices usually very soon when they have to start changing the organisation’s direction. This sometimes involves adopting new markets or products but in other cases it leads to business processes being redesigned for the next generation. In order to survive as a businees in a local and global market businesses need an employee base full of much needed skills. 

This where emoloyers might consider what to train their staff in and how to motivate them to actually invest the energy into learning. It isn’t really about time. People often become too comfortable that they can not be bothered to devote enough energy into learning new skills. This is why micro training, micro courses and other upskilling initiatives help reduce the amount of energy needed. There is also a secret that is part of the problem why so many people do not like learning at all. In school and at home we were often made to learn in a way, that is actually counter productive. The brain sneeds short information snippets and interaction with the information. That is why our academy fucoses on a mix of self paced training and interactive learning on the task.