Data Recovery & Tools

Rescue data from defective storage media

It is important to have your data saved in good time before a storage medium finally fails. If a hard drive has fallen or an SSD is no longer recognized, it helps to hire a data recovery service. A defective read head (head crash) can also lead to permanent data loss.

In most cases, a data backup on a new USB hard drive can be delivered for a fixed price. Our company is known from several Galileo TV programs (Pro7), where we examined several data carriers and were able to save data in front of the camera. The n-tv team also filmed in our laboratory to broadcast an advice program.

The primary goal of ACATO is to offer companies, authorities and consumers a high-quality service, with personal support and advice having the same importance as the activities carried out in the laboratory.

ACATO has specialist technological knowledge as well as professional working methods combined with solutions developed by it. These hardware and software solutions are important pillars of laboratory equipment.

The many years of experience are based on certified employees with over 15 years of professional experience in the IT of high-tech industrial groups. Some employees also have 17 years of professional experience in the police service (criminal forensics) or in other authorities. They have successfully certified their specialist knowledge in complex areas.

Data recovery solves hard drive problems

It’s an unpleasant experience when you suddenly can’t access your data. When you turn on the PC, it may report a loud beeping sound or claim that it can no longer find the hard drive. The cause is usually a defective hard drive. In such a case, it is best to turn off the PC and get professional help. The faulty hard drive can even permanently destroy itself if it is subjected to further stress. The risk of the data being permanently lost then increases. Our data recovery service in Munich helps companies and consumers to solve this unpleasant problem.

In the book “Data Recovery” our founder Christian Bartsch explains how data recovery is conducted by professional data recovery experts. Furthermore, he also lists real data recovery companies who have their own clean room facilities. This way, if you are travelling and need urgently a data recovery, you will know who to entrust your valuable data.

You can get the book at amazon UK. The data recovery book was originally first published in 2011. The books 6th edition is available in English and German.

ISBN-13 : ‎ 979-8725597479
Amazon ASIN ‏: ‎ B092C6B5Q3