IT-Sicherheit ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil eines Unternehmens, denn ISMS und Technik müssen gemeinsam Daten schützen

ACATO is a specialized company in the area of data security. We help companies not only find lost data but also protect their IT infrastructure. Here we would like to tell you more about ACATO. If you have ever read previous press releases, you already know how we exchange knowledge with the authorities. The founder of ACATO has already given several lectures at technical colleges, the BKA and other organizations (e.g. Cybersecurity Days). There were also several opportunities to impart and share knowledge abroad.

The business areas of ACATO

IT security

We develop our own solutions for topics relating to data protection, data security, cyber forensics and ISMS.

We advise both companies and authorities on improving their strategies.

IT Forensics

Digital forensics helps to secure evidence and analyze traces. As experts, we have already provided our expertise in commercial and criminal proceedings:

Canada, Türkiye, Sweden, Austria and Germany

Data Recovery

We help companies, authorities and security organizations restore important data. SSDs, hard drives, virtual servers, ERP systems, USB sticks and SD memory cards have been saved for over 20 years.


Our IT Academy is an AZAV-approved educational institution. We also train civilian and military personnel internationally in the areas of cyber security, neural networks and programming.

The reputation of the experts extends beyond national borders

Who is ACATO? Our customers gain insight into strategic trends so they can stay miles ahead of their competition. Managing directors and board members have access to strategic masterminds where they exchange ideas with other executives and receive individual advice from our leading experts.

Our strategic management consultants advise boards of directors on how to expand the market share of their companies while still allowing the existing organizational structures to cope with the challenges of a dynamically changing global economy. Such consultations were held with boards in Toronto, Munich, London, Stockholm, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Orlando and Los Angeles.

Organizational optimization, data center restructuring and post-M&A consolidation strategies

Maximize the potential of your budget thanks to long-term organizational optimization. Overtake your competition in both the digital and real worlds.
Gain strategic insights into how to enter national and foreign markets with significantly less resistance and costs. Our international market entry and marketing strategies have even been recognized by international magazines, Monash University (partner university of Harvard University) and the leading export management consultancy “Exportise” in Australia.

In order to compete against larger, established brands, you have to be 8 steps ahead. This is not just about a product strategy but also a holistic corporate strategy that affects both the parent company and the subsidiary abroad. This speeds up operational processes and significantly strengthens the workforce.

The target groups are addressed with a mix of advertising, information content and interaction. The trust of potential customers is strengthened. The perception of the brand is consolidated in the minds of buyers. This means that there are more expensive products compared to the cheap competition from the Far East.

SaaS for telecommunications companies

With society’s growing dependence on digital telecommunications, access to the Internet is also becoming essential for business customers. The necessary transformation of organizations towards decentralized workplaces is the biggest challenge for corporate customers. This requires new security strategies and a reliable home office infrastructure.

Therefore, the administration must work more efficiently in a decentralized manner:

Employees are significantly more stressed in a home environment than in an old open-plan concept at times without social distancing rules. Collaboration with remote colleagues needs to get even better. Decision makers need a better understanding before making a decision. This inevitably leads to very slow organization.

With SaaS business solutions, the company’s core information remains in a central platform. There is no need to hold inhomogeneous systems together with adhesive tape. All departments can work together seamlessly on a topic. The overview is maintained. Projects, campaigns, orders and decisions can be managed much more effectively. Customer satisfaction and organizational profitability increase.

Experts for IT forensics (PC, chip and mobile communications/smartphones)

Companies and managing directors are occasionally confronted with problematic situations that require investigation or even forensic investigation. Digital evidence must be secured and evaluated. Preparing an expert opinion to support your own position in court requires special expertise and procedures.

Our experts prepare expert reports in German and English for in-court and out-of-court disputes in Germany, the EU, Turkey and even in North America (USA + Canada). Our own IT experts can even help translate the reports into Turkish.

Our customers include well-known international companies, law firms, industrialists, German and foreign authorities as well as military organizations from NATO member states. We also supply police bodies (e.g. LKAs) and federal offices (e.g. BSI, ZITIS) with equipment. Our experts also gave specialist lectures at the BKA mobile phone conference and the annual forensics workshop at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

Technology for police and security services

Information helps to make quick and appropriate decisions. Workflows must process information faster and more efficiently. Companies and authorities need SaaS solutions that are tailored to their role in the economy.

This means that clerks can be relieved of repetitive tasks, as the systems automatically reliably adopt the given work instructions with the help of artificial intelligence. The rotating checkpoint strategy checks data processing at multiple points to reduce errors and, if necessary, involve the clerk as a human security component.