Free Consultation on ISO 27001

Secure now your very personal free consultation with our ISO27001 experts. Thereby, you will gain valuable insights into what is necessary to gain the valuable certificate and how much it will costs based on your particular business setting. as our advisors are also lead auditors they know how the certification process works and how to avoid the pitfalls so many wrong shortcuts are causing.


You can call us on the landline during UK office hours (9 AM to 5 PM) on 01923 / 959790.

Your Consultation Call

The phases, costs and requirements are explained in the initial consultation.

During the consultation call by phone or video you can explain to us your business model and what you hope to achieve by gaining such certification. Understanding your current challenges and objectives allows us to explain the best options for you to move forward. Not every bsuienss situation or goal can be agood fit for ISO 27001 certification. That is why we offer this free consultation calls to make sure both parties are a good fit for each other.

If you are struglng to comply with ISO 27001 and GDPR, we are here to help you take an alternative approach towards an integrated management system that addresses both regulatory areas.

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We have a limited amount of spots available for a free consultation with one of our ISO 27001 Management System experts. You are welcome to book here a free consultation call.
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Why can one gain the certificate faster using our ISO 27001 consulting services ?

Writing a management system is not an easy task done in a week. You need to invest several weeks to understand and correctly depict a business settings. Auditors can easily spot a dummy template that has nothing to do with the organisation requesting to be verified as compliant. We invest time and effort in not only gathering information but also showing you how to implement security measures in an easy way. Having trustworthy processes doesn’t require bloated rules and handbooks.

We have developed a system that makes life for both our clients and implementers easier. Being well prepared also leads to fewer struggles with the external auditors. Thereby, certification bodies are less prone to rejecting a certification recommendation. There is unfortunately an issue with the application to be audited: certification bodies need to collect data before making offers. They often use questionnaires that are so difficult to fill in that you waste your entire weekend without getting any further. That is why, we handle this for our clients as otherwise we all suffer endless pain.