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We help you achieve your business goals. It is important for us to understand what you intend to achieve. Knowing how you want to develop your business allows us to develop for you a sustainable business path. Every venture or internal project has to be in line with your long term objectives. This reduces waste of resources and open up great business opportunities. This is why business consulting help you spot potential potholes and bypass them using a pragmatic approach to the problem. Working with small and medium sized business has provided us with a toolkit of reasonable solutions. Our consulting services offers help in the following Categories: ISO Certification, IT Security, Data Privacy and IT Forensics.

Advice on ISO Certification

Quality in production requires processes according to ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Advice

Do you need help writing your Quality Management System (QMS) documents?

The phases, costs and requirements are explained in the initial consultation.

ISO 27001 Advice

Gain your ISO 27001 Certificate faster and painless with an ISO27001 Consultation

Integriertes Management System für ISO 27001 und Datenschutz

Integrated Management

With an integrated Management System you can become GDPR compliant, too.

Advice on IT Security and Data Privacy

IT-Sicherheit ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil eines Unternehmens, denn ISMS und Technik müssen gemeinsam Daten schützen

Cyber Security

Company networks need advanced cyber security to keep cyber criminals out.

Penetration Tests zeigen den aktuellen Sicherheitsstand und Verbesserungspotentiale

Penetration Tests

Is your IT secure enough to protect you against cyber criminals? Pentests help fix issues.

Data protection is becoming increasingly complex for companies, making it difficult to comply with the requirements without outside help

Data Privacy Advice

Get help to be compliant with The Data Protection Act 2018 and Europe's GDPR

IT Forensics for securing digital evidence

IT forensics secures digital evidence from computers, smartphones and servers

IT Forensics

Locating and securing evidence leads to analyzing the trail towards the truth

Sachverständigengutachten helfen bei Gericht und außergerichtlich Sachverhalte zu klären

Expert Report

Expert reports on forensic topics can change the direction of a legal dispute.

IT Forensik Sachverständige helfen bei der Aufklärung von Wirtschaftskriminalität

Forensics Examiners

Investigating corporate crime and other fraudulent activities requires special expertise.

Secure your free Consultation Call

The phases, costs and requirements are explained in the initial consultation.

During the phone call or video meeting you may introduce us to your business as well as explaining your current situation. Here we discuss the challanges and potential ways to achieve your goals. 

Secure your free consultation call with our experts. Our Advisors are forensic experts and certified Lead Auditors (ISO 9001/ISO27001). Data Privacy Experts help you manage topics regarding GDPR and The Data Protection Act 2018.

You can reach our UK advisory team by calling us on 01923 / 959790 from 9 AM to 5 PM (GMT)

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