Every company starts small. Challenges are overcome and successes are celebrated. All of this requires not only innovative founders but also passionate employees who believe in the higher goal of the company. Therefore, vacancies are important for every company. For us, they offer the opportunity to complement our global team with innovative, highly motivated and outstanding people.

What do we actually offer? You can go on an exciting journey with us. Help shape new technologies and ways of working. Change the future with us for a better world. With the right work motivation, you can actively shape the positive results of our work.

For us it’s not about a job, career or other titles. It’s about creating solutions as a team and as individuals that help our customers overcome challenges with less friction.

Why do we coach our employees professionally?

Every person experiences problematic challenges in their professional and private lives. Even when it comes to a difficult phone call with a customer, active support and encouragement is important. In this way, adults can also actively develop as members of society.

It is said that we adults develop new characteristics with every 7-10 year interval. Sometimes we overdo it in a positive and negative sense. It is important not to perceive people as machines or tools. People are part of a team. Together we sometimes row against the current. Everyone has to help as much as they can. The team must also take responsibility for the individual in a considerate manner.

That’s exactly why we view open positions as an opportunity to attract new team members and help them with their personal development. Our employees are supported by our own coaches who have been professionally trained and certified. These coaches are constantly training and cannot be equated with a systemic coach or a life coach. Our coaches also advise very successful entrepreneurs, executives and personalities in various countries. The level we set is significantly higher than what you would otherwise traditionally get in personnel development.

We expect a lot, but nothing truly impossible.

How can people work together globally?

Since we are a multicultural company, most of our communication takes place in English. We may work culturally within our own personal understanding of culture, but everyone should be considerate of each other. Our company documentation is in English. Where legally required, we prepare documents in national languages. It would also be relatively inefficient to create everything twice in different languages.

But what we don’t want: silos. We want to create new things and be innovative. We want to learn.

It’s a lot of fun working with colleagues and business partners in different countries. Especially when you’re on the go, you can find solutions to still be able to work in a civilized manner. The picture on the right shows our founder together with a cooperation partner in Toronto (Canada 2018).

Project work doesn’t always require a tie, but it does require a lot of thinking together and considering possible solutions. Our customers benefit from the combined expertise and sustainable solutions. Both people in the picture started their professional lives in large corporations. You took away a lot of positive things and implemented them in your own company according to your own personal values.