Why do so many car dealerships certify themselves according to ISO27001?

Car buyers are increasingly willing to search for and order a new vehicle online. Manufacturers like Tesla show that you can make a purchase decision within a few minutes.

But before this innovative target group actually buys, certain steps must be taken in the contract initiation process. However, cybersecurity is playing an increasingly important role for buyers. This is why car manufacturers in particular are trying to make their vehicles and digital platforms user-friendly and GDPR-compliant. This has significant implications for independent and contracted dealers. In this article we look at the impact on dealers of commercial vehicles as well as luxury and passenger cars.

What does the commercial vehicle trade benefit from ISO27001?

Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit im Handel brauchen kompetente Ansprechpartner

Where businesses buy their commercial vehicles, the focus is on long-term cooperation. The entrepreneur prefers to always buy his commercial vehicles from the same dealer because he is familiar with the interior design requirements. Even topics such as tires and advertising paintwork are areas where car dealers score points.